Panda’s Baby Shower

Just a sneak peak of this amazing baby shower that I had a chance to shoot 🙂

What a beautiful and amazing family– and they cannot wait to meet you Panda!



Mav & Gilbert

If I could, I would like to just do photoshoots all day long.
If only I had an endless amount of space in my SD card, an endless amount of battery life and a lifetime of beautiful weather and sunsets..

Anyway, hope you enjoy my practice shoots. 🙂






So I haven’t really been updating my photography blog and that sucks because so much has happened since I last added anything into this.

I have finally spent time with all of my siblings together, and I mean all 4 of them together – in one place, after i don’t even know… 5 years maybe? It’s been such an awesome year, my mom finally got her house, turned 50 this year and we finally had a WHOLE FAMILY trip together.

So, just to I guess show you all how much we’ve grown over the years…


Pretty embarrassing… On the other hand, we turned out better over time just like fine wine.



Anyway, I had a bit of troubles on the brightness of the beach – photography wise. So, in all these photos, I literally put my settings to the lowest ISO and cranked up my shutter speed in case you guys were wondering… & of course, Lightroom is my best friend!


Besides family photos, of course I have some other random candid ones of my family’s trip 🙂 Hope you enjoy them!